Find Work You Love and Opportunities Will Follow

Early in my career, I received valuable advice that has shaped the rest of my career: Focus on finding work and projects you love, and the opportunities will follow. Doing work you love is all the more important if you are a working parent. It can be hard to say goodbye to your kids to get on that plane or go to the office, but it is much easier if you are passionate about your work and if you are continually learning and being challenged.

I was fortunate to start my legal career at a firm—and in a city—that has never lacked for interesting work and opportunities. From my very first days at my law firm, the common thread running through my work has been handling issues that arise at the juncture of law and policy, and often in the glare of the media spotlight.

This is true of most of the investigations we work on, but nothing illustrates this more than congressional investigations. These inquiries can unfold quickly and call for a strategic response that is fundamentally different from the approach required in court or in the boardroom. Companies and executives will often find themselves in crisis mode as they determine how to best to respond, especially when they are called to testify in the middle of a still-unfolding situation. This is where we are able to jump in and really make a difference on behalf of our clients.

We are grateful to our clients for trusting us with their greatest challenges and for giving us the opportunity to walk with them through these moments of crisis. It’s an honor and a privilege, and it is not something that we take for granted.