I’ve taken on a variety of roles—marketing, community affairs and human resources—and each has enhanced my business perspective. The following values have served as my best guides: a commitment to learning and personal and professional growth, a willingness to take risks and an understanding that the definition of work-life balance would differ at various points in my career. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for a successful career, but I do know that the following advice can help you unlock your potential.

UNDERSTAND THAT LEARNING COMES FROM ALL ANGLES. You can seek structured courses to increase your knowledge base, but remember to keep your eyes and ears open always. You can learn as much from jobs that haven’t worked out as you can from the jobs that have. Every day provides new learning opportunities.

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. It’s easy to fall back on what you do well. But to move forward in your career, you need to have a healthy appetite for new opportunities and challenges. If you don’t test yourself, you’ll never know your true potential—and your managers won’t feel comfortable assigning new challenges.

OBSERVE THE BEHAVIOR OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. Finding your own identity in the workplace is important, but sometimes it helps to learn how successful people found theirs. Different organizations can present different obstacles. Successful people can assist you in crafting a solid roadmap to navigate toward success.

BE ADAPTABLE AND FLEXIBLE. Plans and priorities at work can change on a moment’s notice. Those who are nimble enough to navigate new hurdles are often the people who endure and thrive in the long run.

TRY TO DEVOTE TIME EACH DAY TO PHYSICAL FITNESS. It’ll help you manage the demands and allow for clearer concentration, better stamina and improved self-confidence.

DON’T EXPECT A PERFECT WORK-LIFE BALANCE, BUT KEEP AIMING FOR IT. Professional responsibilities will change throughout your career—and so will your life outside. Striking the right balance will be ever-changing but always worth pursuing. You may not find perfection, but excellence is a great consolation prize.

GIVE BACK. Getting involved with charities and volunteer opportunities at your company helps your community and your organization. And in the process, you’ll do wonders for your own spirit.

No matter what your chosen profession, if you feel engaged in your work, open to learning and professionally fulfilled, you’ll increase your potential for success.