Adele Alvarez has more than 20 years of staffing industry experience, currently serving as Allegis Global Solutions’ (AGS) executive director of managed services operations for the West region.

Alvarez oversees solutions, design, implementation, and program management for large-scale workforce management accounts. She is responsible for driving strategic initiatives, such as cost savings, compliance, diversity spend, contractor/consultant quality and risk management, as well as managing the relationship between the technology providers and the customer.

Dedicated to developing and supporting an inclusive culture at AGS, Alvarez has been a member of AGS’s Diversity & Advocacy Group, Women’s Leadership Council and the All4 Diversity initiative for many years. “I have never met anyone who is exactly like anyone else. Each person brings his or her own unique ideas, which we should all be open to,” she says.

She is continually focused on the growth and development of her team, providing them with opportunities, both in the office and in the community. Committed to mentorship, she has influenced the careers of a generation of AGS employees.

Alvarez admits to failing in her first leadership opportunity by trying to act like the leader she believed everyone wanted her to be. “It was exhausting to put on a façade, and it took energy away from the important work of truly leading,” she explains. “Upon reflection, I realized how important authenticity is to my leadership style.“

“I have been fortunate to have incredible mentors, who have taught me to be ready when opportunity knocks and, most important, to raise my hand and get in the game. This is a talk track I use with both men and women every chance I get,” says Alvarez. Her advice for young women? “Get out of your head. Negative self-talk will literally make you crazy. Instead, ask others for honest feedback. And lastly, don’t take yourself too serious—life is supposed to be an adventure,” concludes Alvarez.